F   O   L   L   O   W       U   S   !

Management and Booking: Arlis Albritton for Full On Management:

Amarillo, TX band, Drinkwine, was born on the smoke stained stage in 2012. Jeremy Drinkwine, the band’s namesake and front man was playing a
writer's night when Producer and Guitar Player, Roger Hodges,
walked in to meet up with an old friend.

Roger said, "I'd never heard or seen anything like
that before; a bar full of drunks raising their beers
in the air and screaming out of tune, ‘Jesus save
me from the devil in the wine.’ It was magical and I
knew I had to be a part of what Jeremy was

With songs like "I Love You", "James Dean", "Blood Stains" and "Devil In The Wine", DRINKWINE has been blowing audiences away.  Powerful live performances have become  what DRINKWINE is known for.
Ward Guenther, host of the successful Whiskey Jam said, "I've seen some
great live performances at the jam but it's performances like that that keep people coming back." DRINKWINE's live shows have garnered the attention of names like John Rich, Bobby Pinson, and even Kevin Jonas, father and manager of the Jonas Bros and now manages DRINKWINE. Kevin has been quoted, "DRINKWINE is a mix of country, pop and rockalternativethat brings revival to the bar. Think Eric Church meets U2".

Now after a long hard road, DRINKWINE is ready to release their debut EP. With head
nodding, fist pumping songs like "James Dean", "Blood Stains" and " Devil In The Wine" to
passionate love songs like "Fire Fly", "I Love You" and "Thinking About You", this EP is sure to
be one of those you listen to over and over. Together, Roger and Jeremy's influences range
from Steve Earle and U2 to Johnny Cash and Kings of Leon. It's a mix of big, powerful, pop melodies, deep, real, country driven lyrics and moving, almost gospel like performances proving time and again it can traverse the ever changing landscape of Country Music with a strong nod toward tradition and the promise of strong artistry for years to come.

 DRINKWINE is currently managed by Arlis Albritton for Full On Management.